About me

Szerző: | Júl 11, 2019




I am currently living in Budapest, born in Sydney to Hungarian parents.

I would like to share my life and business experiences with you in a few short sentences. I hope I can provide these pages and my time with inspiration and knowledge to all.

In short, I currently own and manage 4 apartment hotel businesses in Budapest which I started in 2006. I started by renting one apartment in Akacfa street and then growing it to more than 100 apartments 10 yrs later. I have gained a lot of wisdom and have also lost some businesses on the way. (Like my pancake restaurant I started in Osaka, Japan before I moved to Hungary).

Most successful people have lost 1-3 businesses before making it big. I would like to show other people that within a short period of time it is possible to start a business or career with little or no money. (The rich usually use other peoples money and other peoples time).

Over the years I have also studied a lot about myself spiritually and have gone to many psychologists and kineziologists to find inner balance. I have also started a Music Channel on youtube with almost 10, 000 followers (called Peter Music).

I would like to share how we can get closer to finding inner balance in this crazy, super fast changing world. How to set goals and achieve success. Dont forget that most successful people have simplified things in Business. (If the goal is crystal clear and very simple for even a 6 yr old to understand then other people investors and the universe will help you achieve it).


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