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Hello, I’m Peter Jones!

I currently own and operate an apartment rental and airbnb business in Hungary. I have been doing it for 15 years and love holding seminars about property, airbnb, bank loans and investments at my seminars.  I coach people online as well as at my seminars.

My seven year old son has inspired me to write children’s books which are available on and throughout Eastern Europe.

You are welcome to one of my events.

Business consulting

I specialise in team building as I have started with my own 65 employees in the hotels that I own as well as helped with several other hotels and companies. I have worked together with Hungarys largest Tourism portal and held and managed many large seminars

Presentations, DolphinHeart programme

DolphinHeart is a training programme that helps to align self-awareness in leadership with inner intuition. Through group interactive exercises and music, we reinforce decision-making, obstacle avoidance and the harmony and communication of a strong team.

Courses, seminars

 I have 20 years of experience in purchasing real estate, finding the right loans, starting Airbnb businesses and in hotel management.
My courses focus on how to buy property and get a home loan with almost no money down. Buying property with 10% of your own resources.


How to live a balanced and happy life?


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