Money and Motivation Seminar

8 900 Ft / 30 min


( Can be booked anytime )

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1. How to buy property and get a home loan with almost no money down. Buying property with 10% of your own resources.

How to negotiate with banks and ask the right questions.

2. How to start an Airbnb business with none of your own money!!!!

3. How to increase your income with long term or short term apartment rental. Flipkey,, Expedia, Wimdu. Where to apply and what are the benefits of a Chanel Manager Software.

4. How to pay less commission to partners who send guests.

5. Cashflow Boardgame (based on Rich dad Poor dad book). Kind of Monopoly game, education, money, group game.

6. The basics of the stock market (Most people are either)

A. Fear of losing what they have

B. Too greedy

C. Do Not Act

7. How to handle money, ( Money is like energy it is all around us and is Abundant).

8. The secrets and examples of the rich and successful Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos Amazon,, Airbnb Brian Chesky, etc.